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(For a descriptive narrative of the finer details of the extended campaign, please see the Adventure Log)

Three days after leaving Neverwinter the group came upon an active goblin ambush site. After defeating the ambush of goblins, the detected signs that Gundren and Sildar had been ambushed here as well, and found a nearby goblin trail.

The booby-trapped trail led to an active goblin cave. There they defeated (seemingly) all of it’s inhabitants and rescued Sildar Hallwinter. He gave them the following info:

  1. Gundren and his two brothers (Tharden and Nundro) are in search of a very valuable historical cave known as Wave Echo Cave.
  2. The bugbear leader of this cave, Klarg (now dead), had orders from someone called, The Black Spider, to capture and deliver Gundren to a place called Cragmaw Castle. (He knows no other details to who The Black Spider may be, or where Cragmaw Castle is, though someone in Phandalin may)
  3. Gundren bore a map to Wave Echo Cave, both of which he believes was taken along with his own gear to Cragmaw Castle.
  4. Sildar’s separate objective is to locate a missing contact of his guild, Iarno Albrek, who was last known to be in Phandalin. He offers the group 50gp to escort him the rest of the way there.

The group found the following treasure last session:

In Klarg’s Chamber

  • 600 cp
  • 110 sp
  • Two potions of healing
  • A small jade statuette of a frog with tiny golden orbs for eyes (40 gp value)
  • Lionshield Coster Supply Crates

On the dead body of the dead goblin usurper

  • Three gold teeth (1 gp each)
  • 15 sp

The party has broke for camp, with Sildar at their side. The supplies for Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin are still safely on the wagon, which will allow them to claim their contracted payment of 10gp per escort (minus Sildar). The night has passed uneventfully, everyone has had a long rest, and the sun has just risen.

Lost Mines of Phandelver

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